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Hi. My name is Natalie Carter. I have been quadriplegic for 3 years following emergency surgery to remove cysts from my spine. I regained some use of my left hand, and am no longer on a vent. On September 4th Miranda treated me with the LENS and shortly after I began to experience sensation in my lower extremities, I had none before the LENS. After 2 sessions, I am now able to lift my legs to straighten at the knee when sitting in my wheelchair. I can sit on the edge of my bed unassisted for a few minutes. I can move my right arm and hand more. I am very encouraged that I may regain more function with further treatments. Thank you Miranda!


After several sessions of LENS treatment with Miranda, I can safely say my anxiety has decreased significantly.  I was taking daily anxiety medication and also as-needed for panic attacks.  Now, I am free from needing to use either medication.  I am a firm believer in the healing power of LENS and am so glad I tried this treatment.  Thank you, Miranda, for all you have done to improve my quality of life!


Miranda has helped me cultivate self awareness and healing. She has helped me to identify my weaknesses in a clear and concise way so that I can focus on and improve them.
LENS has been a gentle effective way to alleviate my anxiety, migraines, and pain. Plus it's all natural!


I can't thank you enough for the relationship coaching session. It has opened doors for my partner and I that I couldn't have imagined. Thank you again for having such a big heart!

I'm a para

What I got out of working with Miranda:

-New spiritual tools and practices to really learn how to ground, why it's important and I have made it a part of my spiritual practice. I’ve worked with meditation teachers and spiritual coaches in the past and have not felt this level of connection to a true grounding practice.

- A firmer grasp on my version of reality. How to ask new questions to reframe my mindset and beliefs. Miranda holds a loving and safe, but firm space. She will call you out and hold you in love while you work it out and iron out those deep wrinkles. 

- Relationship tools, meditation techniques, how to identify my own needs. I was able to identify parts of myself and accept why I chose these patterns, with truly unconditional self love and compassion. I was able to take responsibility for my past on a deeper level, and appreciate things that I previously resented. Being equipped with this shift might be one of my most profound takeaways. 

-I was able to shift from being “reactive” to more reflective, and finally to more creative. I am now able to be less emotionally charged from external forces and take responsibility for my own experience in a new and powerful way. 

I would recommend Miranda’s 12 week containers to everyone. She is an expert space holder and can gently yet powerfully guide you to heel yourself in the painful places. She keeps it real, shows up fully, and feels like you’re having coffee with a girlfriend. Those just beginning their spiritual journeys will be blessed to have such a brilliant and intuitive teacher to help lay the foundation for healthy spiritual practices. Those a little deeper into our spiritual paths will absolutely uncover new layers and discover deeper levels of awareness and responsibility for our own experience.
- N.B.

Before working with Miranda for the 12 weeks I had only tried meditation a few times, not knowing if I was even doing it correctly. Through her in depth and patient guidance, Miranda taught me to get deep inside my inner self and channel into parts of myself I never believed exsited. She showed me how to ground myself and explained how important it is to do as much as possible. She guided me through my chakras and I learned there is such thing as too deep at this time in my life. Something that is a work in progress. Miranda showed me tools to use to help me get out some anger issues I've been bottling up for years and how important it is for your inner being to release those thoughts and feelings. The most useful tool Miranda has taught me would be the power of breathing! Such a simple and easy tool to help calm and regroup every situation.


Working with Miranda was such a pleasure. Her unique perspective and approach helped me to find new space to create change after years of feeling stuck despite all of the self-help tools and books. I now feel more connected to my own power and am able to share that at work, at home, and in all of my relationships. Thank you for helping me to open up to receive more in my life. –Fay N.


I would like to give a shoutout to Miranda Weaver at

She specializes in brain Neurofeedback (LENS) - you can view reviews on Youtube from the therapy itself.

We recently went to her desperately after 2 years of trying to fix MANY issues that toxic mold caused in all my family. I was about to give up, worrying about my kids' future!

We had ADHD, severe anxiety, depression, one of my kids was having suicidal thoughts often, another one developed stuttering, the oldest developed memory problems and academic performance was going down from having been a straight-A student.

I had vision and hearing/balance issues from it, derealization/brain fog, you name it! Mold is so toxic, but what I love about this neurofeedback is that it "resets" your brain to make sure it can communicate again within all parts of the brain and the rest of the body.

I never realized it but everyone noticed I was focusing more and speaking slower from my FIRST session. I still have to go a couple more times, as everyone is different, but so far we have felt a huge difference in all our issues!

Please consider this if anyone in your family suffers from anything like anxiety, depression, ADHD, autism, brain injuries from either sports, accidents, toxic exposures, etc.), sleep disturbances, migranes, etc., you name it! You'll be surprised after seeing the little scan that shows if your brain is functioning properly!

She takes her time with you, is spiritual and holistic, professional, thorough and will never make you feel rushed! This is a true post from very happy patients/clients of hers.

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