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What is LENS Therapy?




What is a session like?



The treatment itself consists of sitting quietly in a comfortable chair with your eyes gently closed, while the neurofeedback practitioner applies a tiny electrode with conductive paste to your scalp to both measure the brainwave activity and to deliver treatment. It is a completely painless and noninvasive procedure and most find it very relaxing.

Treatment consists of invisible radio frequency waves that are 4,000 times weaker than what your brain is exposed to each time you hold a cellular phone to your head. Not only is the feedback signal incredibly weak, but the length of exposure to it is extremely short. The duration of actual feedback during a typical LENS session is from one second to one minute per site on the head. It might seem impossible that a signal so weak could do anything at all, but it is effective because the brain can respond to the low-energy signal, whereas it would react and defend against a stronger one.

Neurofeedback clinicians have noticed a strong connection between excessive activity in the EEG, particularly in the slower brainwaves, and difficulties with mood, energy, focus, and mental clarity. Trauma and stress tend to cause EEG suppression, in which the brain protects itself from overload and seizure activity by reducing activity, which in turn limits functioning. In this case, the person doesn’t have the full range of emotions, thoughts and abilities they once had. LENS helps to normalize both excess activity and suppression in the EEG, and people feel better and are able to do more of what they want. Most people who receive LENS treatment report feeling more calm, relaxed, and in control of themselves.








Is it effective?



LENS has been remarkably effective and over 80% of people who have used it have benefitted significantly. Results are seen quickly , within 6 to 20 sessions, compared to traditional biofeedback where 40+ sessions are usually needed to see results. LENS unique neurofeedback treatment may also benefit people who are already healthy and are interested in peak functioning and inner resilience to stress. Once symptoms are resolved, there is usually no need for continued sessions because results are long term. The LENS biofeedback system is certified by United States FDA as a 510K exempt biofeedback device.


What else can LENS do?



 Optimize Cognitive Function and Motor Skills

· Enhance Attention Span and Focus

· Diminish Hyperactivity

· Normalize Sleep

· Decrease Anxiety and Depression

· Reduce Irritability / Mood Swings

· Optimize Athletic Performance

· Encourage Friendships and Socializing Behaviors

· Decrease or Eliminate Mood Regulating Medications

· Increase Self-Awareness


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