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To Bring the Unconscious Conscious

It's my mission, my purpose in this life

I  teach five basic energy management tools.  We use these tools every week in meditation. We use them as a guide to navigate your chakra system. You will explore your energetic system in a new way. You will get to know it and shift energy patterns from it and invite a sense of alignment, rather than overwhelm.


I will teach you how to use your intuition in ways that allow you to heal yourself. I teach you how to recognize programs that come from your maternal family line. The work we do will then start to reprogram... to your souls purpose rather than family karma. We will work in meditation on healing the maternal lineage.

In addition I will teach you how to more deeply connect with your body. This allows you to listen to the subtleties of your body's messages to you, so she can tell you how to take better care of her. These experiences will help you to learn to love your body, and feel good in it.

I am very interested. Keep talking.

For Women:

Being in a tight container is powerful! We need to be seen.
Seen in all of our authenticity--no matter what it looks like. 
The experience of being deeply held by other women as you embark on your soul's transformation is invaluable.

In my containers, you will:

  • meet for 90 minutes weekly for 12 weeks via Zoom with Miranda and a small group of other women

  • experience a deep supportive sisterhood with other moms doing the work

  • have ongoing support as things come up between meetings through messaging or our private Facebook group

  • learn energy work tools to use both in everyday life, and within meditation to heal

  • cultivate self-awareness through these practices

  • unmatch from your trauma and start living from love

  • drop deep into your feminine essence

  • explore your intuitive gifts - for YOURSELF

  • receive accountability and support in your transformation

  • receive intuitive insight into your gifts, wounds, and healing from Miranda

For Moms experiencing overwhelm, disconnection, and anxiety:

A special container for you that includes all of the above, plus:


  • practical tools and practices to support the gifted souls you are raising

  • meditations that look at and begin to heal your maternal lineage and help you remove the ancestral dysfunction that has been passed through generations

  • permission to live from your soul's purpose, not your grandma's pain

Combination packages available to include 1:1 or Group Coaching and LENS for a quicker transformation.

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